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    Welcome to A & K biomedical

    NABH Consultants in Lucknow

    A & K biomedical services. One stop solution for all of your healthcare related needs.Some of the basic services offered are.

    • Turnkey Projects
    • Equipment calibration
    • NABH / NABL and QCI Accreditation
    • Biomedical engineers outsourcing services
    • Now, let us have comprehensive information of the above-mentioned services so that you may know easily about them.
    Our Services

    We Provide

    Asset Management

    If you are looking to buy or replace medical equipment or move equipment from one place to another, we will consult with you and make suggestions. Whether you are a big healthcare institution or a small clinic, we will take the time to help you decide the right solution.

    Preventive Maintenance Program

    A&K Biomedical Services provides electrical safety, preventive maintenance, and performance inspections that keep your equipment calibrated and running smoothly, according to manufacturers' guidelines.

    Astonishing Customer Service

    We are a local company that works with the motto of customer satisfaction, thus we provide the best customer service from our side. We treat every single piece of equipment very carefully as if the next person to use it will be our own family member

    Fast Response Times

    We will instantly answer your call and provide thorough and correct service

    Mordern Tech Application

    At A&K BioMedical we use all the known high-end/high-tech equipment associated with medical technologies to ensure top-level authenticity in the services we offer when you are in need.

    Highly Trained Staff

    We have a trained staff in our team that is always available for your assistance.

    Equipment Calibration Services Lucknow

    Equipment calibration plays a key role in guaranteeing the quality and reliability of the measuring test equipment you use, which in turn, is very significant in ensuring that your products and processes meet international and regional regulations. Our specialized calibration team has year s of experience in qualified calibration management of different measuring instruments which can help you to guarantee that your equipment is working continuously and accurately

    Equipment Calibration Services in Lucknow
    Nabh and Nabl Services Lucknow

    NABH / NABL & QCI Accreditation

    A & K Biomedical is a professional certification and consultancy, service provider. Providing NABH / NABL and QCI accreditation consultancy services. We have an expert team having vast experience in the field of NABH/ NABL and QCI accreditation certification consultancy for many hospitals all around India. Many well-known hospitals have achieved NABH/NABL and QCI accreditation under A&K Biomedical

    Biomedical Engineers
    Outsourcing Services Lucknow

    Service providers must have the infrastructure and trained manpower to handle the client’s necessity. Training and development of biomedical engineers is an extremely important aspect of the same, as the service providers are maintaining the hospital assets through these engineers only. Regular training and skill updating is extremely significant

    Biomedical Engineer Outsourcing Services in Lucknow

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